What are the design choices in windows for ubuntu?

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Need to develop a project under Ubuntu, in the environment node.js but on the machine Windows is installed.
Do I understand correctly that there is another solution to this problem(in addition to the replacement Windows on Ubuntu):
  • Use node.js on Windows:
    I was faced with the fact that some programs do not run correctly in the version under Windows or nonexistent(e.g., redis).
  • Install VirtualBox on Windows with Ubuntu:
    to connect to a virtual server using ssh/sftp in Windows.
  • To rent a dedicated server with Ubuntu for development:
    to connect through ssh/sftp to a dedicated server from Windows.
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Can be collected in addition to the native nodejs under Windows, use Linux Subsystem on Windows. But again, this is a very big crutch and most likely will give you pain. Best option would be to use Ubuntu / MacOS in order to spend less time setting up the workflow and spend more time to develop.

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