What I can do to improve in resume for the position of Junior Android Developer?

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Good evening!
I'm Junior Android developer in Russia and I need your comments about my summary that I could to improve., how can I make it more attractive. Reference: https://hh.ru/applicant/resumes/view?resume=9a09a9... Below I wrote about a short story about yourself and your programming experience.
Studying Java and Android I have been December of last year. In education, the civil engineering and decided to retrain. 2 months I spent on what to learn Java Core and read HeadFirst for Android. After that I started to write my first code on GitHub. At the moment, there is one test mission and one of my big personal project application for memorizing words VocaNote, who completed about half. Also I have another ready test task (RSS reader with Retrofit and RxJava ), but I have not posted as it was not coordinated publication details with the employer.
While writing my code I was also acquainted with the library Retrofit, RxJava, Android Architecture Components, apply the Material Design specs, a lot of reading the official documentation and asked questions on Stackoverflow. I read a little about the algorithms and patterns to know about O(n) and patterns, which meet in the SDK.
English at B2 level (reading the documentation without an interpreter, look VIDOS conference, with foreigners able to chat live).
For work I'm ready to move to any city in the Western part of Russia to the Urals (except Moscow). I am from Russia, but the city is not urban, not counting 1s and a couple of small web studios). Regularly respond to jobs on hh.ru . The results of such performed two test assignments and passed a 1 technical interview. The results of the test will be after the may holidays, the interview was stopped. Plus I was invited to one office in St. Petersburg on unpaid internship.
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The link to github is best to give where about him saying on HH when you export summary can get references from your contacts, and then someone might think it's not they lost, and you forgot. And remove from your project on github logs, there should not be exact. Well, the names of the commits...

(More clean IMHO)
You say the words "my first pet-project". It would be nice to write about what real problems you can solve. But it can give the impression that you did not do anything. Algorithms, data structures are just words. Ultimately decide actions. For example, the expression "you can write unit tests for this" once peremjat all the points that you have written.

The position of "Ready to move to any city" sounds like you don't care where to go, don't care what happens. This is a purely subjective opinion, but I would be more impressed by the approach: "I do it, but after a couple years I want to do here is; at home my options are limited and in order to achieve his goal, I am willing to consider moving."
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In principle, probably the best option, to read people's resume to hh.ru (superjob.ru) at the desired specialization.
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Your success in finding employment?

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