Automation tool for Continuous Delivery / Integration in .net Azure projects?

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How do you automate the build, zavertyvanii, testing and all that now in real projects? Yes, there are many tools, but are interested in the pros and cons of what you see.

Here, just for instance, my list of pros and cons:
  1. Cake. Pros: popular, low entry threshold, C#, dependency management using preprocessor directives, a relatively extensive library of ready-made tools (GitVersion, etc.). Cons: compiled language, execution speed, complexity call other programs (to redirect stdout, etc.), unnecessary wrapper for the arguments (look at the same MsBuild). Example: Sam Cake.
  2. psake Pros: second, powershell. Cons: need to know PS, the documentation is worse than the Cake. Example: Hangfire.
  3. Invoke-Build same as psake, but slightly better, apparently. Better documentation. Less popular.
  4. Fake. Need to know F#
  5. Net msbuild Pros: built-in, is friends with the Studio. Cons: xml citability, the threshold of entering.
  6. Net Powershell. Pros: don't need other people's libraries shipping. Cons: no easy task. Example: RavenDb, msbuild.
  7. Exotic every. In-house runners and the like. Example: Corefx
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MSBuild + custom task, and written under it.
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Maybe I misunderstood, but I will tell you.
I keep the repository in VSTS, there is, all for CI/CD: there is a ready Assembly templates, but you can create your own. Can be created in two ways: through the web interface or put in the YAML project with her. To deplot on Openwork (Openwork although you can go through easier and in the app settings to feed him the repository) and your servers (under Windows and Linux) — it is necessary to install the agent deployment. I deliver on my server seems to be working.

Or I not about to tell?

UPD. Pressed "Send" and realized what the question. Support Alexander Yudakov — better MSBuild, though he seems more difficult.
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