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What you want to study to become a Software Engineer?

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Looked at what companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. has vacancy Software Engineer.
I liked the tasks that are affected there and I would like to become worthy of the position.
In this regard I have a question, maybe you know the courses ( enough topics that are covered in the course ), you may know of programs in the universities, after which take on an internship in such company on this job or you just know a list of required and jalameh knowledge for the position.

Maybe something like that, but if I understand you correctly, then only one of the sections here refers to the SE:

Thank you all in advance for your answers.
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2 Answers

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Operating system (Linux)
Network (CCNA)
Programming languages (C++, Python)
Algorithms and data structures (Cormen)
Experience 3 years
The ability to solve stupid puzzles (Cracking the coding interview)

The following list of requirements :)

In Yandex it is possible to get an internship after Shada, even without experience.
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The link is quite adequate list discipline for software engineering. You can begin to work better with SEM.
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