How to quickly solve the task added to the notification bar Android of the necessary information?

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Good day.
Have no experience in programming under Android.
Once wrote for myself weather widget which pulls info from all national monitoring thermometers (thermometers there pour the old in-line), calculate the median and understand roughly how many degrees the window (the presence of more than 10 thermometers in the city gives about the right information, in contrast to the sometimes strange figures known informers and Yandex Gismeteo)

All the time we have to pull info from a webpage that pulls data from the API.
Came up with the idea to drive it all into the phone as a notification that all the time upstairs and in the background every 20 minutes pulling info from my site.

How to do it most quickly and simply without delving into programming for Android?
Thank you all!
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You need to look in the direction of the services (services), you will receive information from API and update the notification. In order to update the data at regular intervals, you can use AlarmManager or th or JobScheduler-ω (
But in Android still need a little insight. Here's a great lessons

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