Possible offline payments without special. equipment?

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Is it possible to create an electronic currency which you can pay without a network and without the possibility of its simple "copy" in principle? Are there any "magic" algorithms to implement single transfers? I know that some Bank cards and terminals can work offline, but it all rests on the inability to access the data of the chip and in the end it's still later synchronizes with the server, and the idea of the introduction of new devices of the same Bank for such schemes looks bleak.
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Technologically possible, but there is a question of trust...
...in the Fiat he decided a club in the crypt due to the distributed registry. for the alas
And Fiat this is quite possible, because the magic of quantum cryptography can protect the physical connection between the wallets...
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No. The device still has somewhere to be synchronized, to know the status of the account, at least.

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