What budget 3D printer to choose?

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Hello, there is a need for a 3D printer, experience in the use of such equipment is not present.
Budget up to 15,000 Russian rubles (250$).

On Ali and such sites a huge selection of printers at this price, it is cheaper/slightly more expensive, but the question is which is better - and I can understand only for your advice, I would particularly like to hear from people who cooked in this topic, and has experience.

To print requires these details:
It is the pull of the damper of the stove from Vaga, and similar items will print mostly...

Important the price (listed at the beginning), and that the printer supported a wide range of 3d model formats.

size at least 15 15 15
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Anet A8 is for you. Importantly, there was a table with a heated, because to print clearly, be from the ABS. The box will also need (do).

All printers support the g-code, and any 3D models ready to print in g-code using software switches (such as Slic3r, Cura). Google the theory first, what is a 3D printer, and how to live with it.

Oh and the Toaster were similar to the questions on choosing a printer.

Go here 3dtoday.ru

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