Configure wifi router as access point with 3G modem to surf anonymous on the web?

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Friends, I welcome.

Clicking on the system Tails, faced with the problem of access to the Internet via USB modem. Tried many models and operators. Total permanent departures or even failures when connecting and the formation of the "onion" network. Came to the decision to use the router to share an Internet connection from 3G modem. But the question arose in the anonymity of using such a configuration.

Bundle this:
- a working 3G modem with SIM card the left without blocking the exit to Tor (inserted in the router)
- WI-FI router Zyxel Keenetic 4G

Plan to create a network to get online from Tails (all outgoing connections through Tor).

What are the key points to look at configuring your router for maximum anonymity? Will it work chain VPN->Tor, if I "louse" the VPN settings in the router?
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It is not entirely clear why the 3g modem and WiFi - isn't it easier to use wire.
What are the key points to look at configuring your router for maximum anonymity?
At least you should make sure that the drop in TOR, or VPN traffic will not go directly through your provider, well DNS.
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1. To unsubscribe from Wi-Fi (and any radio modules).
2. To disable Tor-relay.
3. (and as I said Artyom) to prevent "leakage" of requests for "pipe" for any connections/disconnections of all interfaces.
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Wi-Fi access and anonymity - things orthogonal. SIM can be at least left at least right, though the middle - it gives exactly the same information about your location (and traffic of course is taken into account).
And then, you know what's the matter - can at least twenty-cascades VPN->Tor to hang - the fact that the most vulnerable link in this whole system - people, You can not change...

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