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Samsung S4 turn on and immediately turns off, I can't make a backup of data before flashing?

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Good evening!
Samsung S4 turn on and immediately turns off, googled the problem, saying it is necessary to reflash, the data as far as I understand flashing will be removed, i.e. to zabekapit need a working phone.I will be the first time to alter found the old firmware I'll try to reflash via odin. Ie In this case I have to reflash or try somehow to pull the data? and how to reflash if it is not included?

Thank you!
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1 Answer

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If you reprogram the device, all user data is deleted.
Need to try the following options:
- With the connected charging, the device was turned off?
With another battery the device is switched off?
- The device itself was turned off or after a fall or falling into the water or something else?

If important contacts can a SIM card insert it in another machine and see there is something important or not.

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