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What is a free program for creating music is to choose a newcomer to free and then paste the resulting composition in commercial products?

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OS: Linux, Windows.
It is desirable, but not essential to the program was easy to learn.
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3 Answers

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Look for key words "free daw". Maybe something like.
I would recommend something like tracktion (they have a rule: version -1 is always free)
Why her: quite recently in the market FOR this, so that "leaves" on all new chips are not as conservative as some (read: comfortable). Works under Windows and Linux, which is important. If there is a desire or money - you can buy the paid version (not much to relearn).
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For what you pay, getting professional programs for creating music.
1. Professional sounding. If the music is not sounds, it's just a meaningless set of notes.
2. Professional audio processing. In any free program you will not find the equalizer with visualization of the frequency response in real time, for example.
3. Library of ready sounds and presets. They allow you to create music quickly. There is a difference - write a composition per week or two days. The first day you write it down, and the next day listen to what it needs fixing.
Under Windows I can recommend Fruity Loops or Cubase Steinberg. The first is good for creating electronic music, the other for more traditional genres.
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Audacity -
FL studio (formerly called Fruity Loops)

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