How to set arbitrary values in the smart filter 1C-Bitrix?

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The challenge is to complement the smart catalog filter new filter "employment". I have a field "employment" which contains the line different types: "Free", "Busy until 31.05.2018", "Reserved", etc.
I need the filter to display only two values: "Free" and "Busy". Accordingly, those that are "Free" refers to the value of the filter "Free" and all the rest - to the value of the filter Employed.

I've added the field "Employment" in a smart filter, but the dropdown list is empty. How do I Supplement it with two options and register the condition of the sample?
Thank you!
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Shop - Main catalog - catalog Settings - the properties of the elements
they point out their fields.
The condition of a sample of writing directly in the template. Catch Holy island, hiding Reserved. When you click on a field Reserved Busy doing cheked-out.

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