Is it possible in Illustrator to display all of the anchor points is not selected objects?

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If you selected both objects, all the points are visible, but one point will not move, will move both objects, and you need to move one spot and see another. Thank you.
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No. Moreover, during displacement of the node visible only the nodes on the curve being modified. A simple example: draw a donut, then there is a circle with a hole. Make sure that the object is a single object, i.e. a compound path (for reliability, ctrl+8). The floating node of one circle is external or internal: to display only nodes of the selected circumference, and not the other, although both part of the same composite curve.
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For this is the white arrow direct selection (A). Select a point and move, the other point will not be seen, but the quick guides in the mouse will tell me where the other reference point.

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