Does it make sense to connect to VPN Tails?

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Does it make sense to connect to VPN Tails? Doesn't it anonymity?
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Depending on how you connect and what you want to achieve in the end.
VPN ceteris paribus provides less anonymity than TOR.
For example, such an implementation often makes sense
Client - VPN -TOR - web.
This way you ensure that your ISP does not know you use TOR and nothing more.

If we are talking about configuration -
Customer-TOR - VPN Internet, it usually reduces your anonymity to the level you use VPN. You will have to pay for it, to administer - and this is a good chance to de-anonymize you.
If we are talking about public public VPN you are not connected - it does not reduce anonymity.
But these VPN usually not distinguished by speed, and it makes sense to use only when TOR exit nodes and block on the required resources. As a variant - using a free proxy.
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If the VPN tunnel is put in front of Thor will increase, hiding from your provider the fact of its (the Torah) of use. On the other hand, in this configuration connect the already glittering speed tor will become even less responsive.

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