Copy the menu structure from another site. What are the risks?

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By examining competitors, found a shop which is ideal from the point of view of the menu structure, the logic and convenience.
In fact, similar to the structure and he came, but on this site it is implemented perfectly. Want to make the same structure and itself. There are two options that are very similar(difference in detail) and a full copy of the menu structure of the website. But there are fears that Yash (to himself or he's going to tell the owner of the website) may punish, to recognize affiliate and other "pleasures".
Knows who to punish for this PS?
Thank you!
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Copy the menu structure from another site. What are the risks?
Ideas not patented and there is no such thing as the right to the idea.
Protected is the implementation.
You take the structure(the idea of how to structure menus) that you like and implement it - there is a new realization of this idea.
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There was no danger, if you oncalzirea metatags section of this menu.

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