Typescript + Google Closure Compiler is it possible and why?

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There is a large project written in ES3 + Google Closure Compiler.
Code that is written there I "not very sympathetic", it was written 6 years, more than 10 developers, in General, did "Hell". Plan to rewrite everything in TypeScript.
Actually, the question is, Google Closure Compiler developed by Google to compress and obfuscate Javascript own. Do I need to use it in conjunction with TypeScript or simply do not do that, and use a clean TypeScript c Webpack (I prefer Parcel), and maybe there's a better library than GCC allows you to do compression and alfastarkhovanie code ?
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At the moment, uglify (included in webpack and perhaps parcel) shakes about on par with gcc. Plus webpage lazy loading which is subjective to the user faster loading website.

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