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How to implement auto-connect npm packages for the current configuration node.js application?

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Make your garbage for projects on the layout of web pages. To simplify support in the future, I want to make plugin-based architecture. Namely, if it is necessary to connect CSS preprocessors, or PostCSS, or something.
In the end, the question arises. Each other part of the tie. And what about the dependencies in the package.json?
To make all the possible dependencies in the package.json is not an option. The excess should be cut off.

For each plugin of course needs its own npm packages. When connecting the plug-in they need to make to the package.json, if you unplug to remove. Or maybe there are ways within the application to trigger the installation of the necessary packages and check their installation at the moment?

Prompt in what side to dig, and then googled, nothing suitable was found.
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2 Answers

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As one of the options is to write your own yeoman generator
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Actually, the package file.json no role in the application is not playing. From any application on the Node it can be thrown out - nothing will happen: everything will work as it did before.

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