Which language should I choose to collect, edit, and display information?

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Please tell me, I have several problems and I can not understand which way should I go. The problem is the following:
1. there are several reports in form of Excel files, but the data structure is a little wrong, ie you need to edit some cells, delete rows, edit the contents of cells. The reports always have the same form and this work should be carried out continuously.
2. has 1S with which you need to constantly pick up data + Yandex Metrika, perhaps next will be CRM.
3. all of these need to be combined in several reports that should be built automatically.
4. to be able to work I these data, i.e. to build forecasts, identify some kind of pattern.
At this point I came to the conclusion that all these problems can be solved with the help of Power BI, but for tasks 1 and 4 need to consider some programming language. Found Python, as I understand it is a very promising language and it seems like it can solve all the problems, and then R, DAX there's still some need for this. In General, I have formed a complete mess in the head. Help please to determine.
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can Python, R, you decomposing task and automate the first required step in there and see what you need

in General, Python is not wrong, but some are considered more Friendly
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