Where to put the link to the author using flaticon?

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I do my WordPress theme and it is important to follow all the rules. On the website flaticon say that their icons are free, but in return we have to put links on the authors something like that: Icon made by [author link] from www.flaticon.com

Where it is necessary to do? How do You do?
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I'm not a lawyer, but just designer, and try to avoid such resources here is such a stupid license. Like free and like to have more as the authors mention, and often it breaks up the design (especially the idiotic rules on this account ripeka, who, by the way, the brainchild is flat-icon).

Reading the rules is a terrible idea, it's easier to shoot yourself in the foot, and then it kick himself in the balls than to understand all the conditions.

I would advise you to do so. In the footer put the text size smaller (8pt), the colour faded (that was a low contrast with the background) and write:
Icon so-and-so made such-and-such author with www.flaticon.com

Thus, if they have a desire to get to you, then just make a warning, and not to sell the suit hurriedly.

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