Not getting emails from the site on wordpress?

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The website
Here the handler
<!DOCTYPE html><?php bloginfo('name') ?>html, body {min-height: 100%;padding: 0;margin: 0;}body {min-height: 100vh;}<?php/*Template Name: Contacting - Mail Handler*/if (isset($_POST['name'])) {$name = $_POST['name']; if ($name == '') {unset($name);}}if (isset($_POST['email'])) {$email = $_POST['email']; if ($email == '') {unset($email);}}if (isset($_POST['phone'])) {$phone = $_POST['phone']; if ($phone == '') {unset($phone);}}if (isset($name) && isset($email)){if ($_POST['dev-form']) {$formType = $_POST['dev-form'];}$address = ",";$message = "Name: $name \E-mail: $email \Telephone number: $phone\Form type: $formType\\This message is generated by submitting contact Form";$send = mail($address,"Submitted Contact Form | Devshift",$message,"Content-type:text/plain; charset = UTF-8"); //if ($send == 'true'){echo "<div class='message__form'>Thank you for the request!\We will contact you during one business day\
<- Back to the website";} else {echo "Something went wrong - we can't send the request. Try to send it again please\
<- Back to the website";} } else { echo "You haven't filled all required fields!\
<- Back to the website"; } ?>

If the form does not fill in the fields you will notice that not all fields are filled. Ie form refers to the processor. In the admin did as I was advised: created a blank page and assigned to it the template php file handler. But the emails still do not come, and it is not known where they go(
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1. Maybe in the settings disable the use of mail(). It's a hell hole and its usually switched off, because need to send mail via smtp. so check the settings.
2. mail() in win does not behave as on unix. What is your OS?
3. Get everything you can for the test, special characters, word wrap, the second recipient enail etc. Check on the basis. Simple headings, text, 1 email. The recipient does not and analogues, as their spam filter just eat sent via mail() letter.
4. Why did You decide that's not working? The fact that it does not reach, not a sign that it is not sent.

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