How to deal with domain and hosting?

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Hi. Need help even more advice. In General, there is a client. Engaged in the delivery of food, clear red has a website. The client can simply call "make website — here is your money". And he did, I did and forgot, but that's just the access he gave everything (hosting, domain). And now he has ended the domain it gives me access your, transfers money into hosting, and to extend I can't, no license. Well, I say look around you it's originally done, either ask the business owner and ask him accesses or refill., because your account is not the main.

In short, my mother's a businessman, which most likely they recorded it, asks for money to renew the domain, and asks for a map, and of course more than the cost of the service is, well, a classic of the genre says that on the hosting there is no money, only a card is necessary. As I understand it, it's called "come." To give money is not an option, as a businessman vkuril that you can pull more, just scaring. (Hosting and domain in one place was taken).

What to do in such a situation better? Just pull the base and all that is to register again with a new domain name? But it is not enough that the loss of the organic results, so they have a bunch of outdoor advertising. Or wait until the domain will evaporate and redeem it, like in this case the losses will be minimal. And how much do you can wait until re-registration? Can still what variants?
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Just buy the data from the main account and immediately change your passwords and contact info. Think of it as the cost of their mistakes. All other options are unfortunately more likely to add a lot of crap will hit the business. But if the blackmailer will demand too much money, then raise your contract/correspondence on which the work was performed, record all the communication and contact the police.
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Well, I say look around you it's originally did

why? Just whois , and write a mail to the administrator.

because your account is not the main

account in what?

and of course more than worth the service,

Well, it is time for You to Your website spends here and payment services. All is fair.

As I understand it, it's called "come."

The first time I hear such expression in the context of hosting.

Hosting and domain in one place were taken

What? What is the problem to re-register all over and never have a hemorrhoids?

What to do in such a situation better?

From such a description it is difficult to say. But in any case for your mistakes you have to pay. The surest way, in my opinion, to pay for the extension that would start to work then to pay for the site on your vds and re-register the domain (change owner).
Usually renewal is 200R - 1000R per year. How much are they asking from You?
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wait until the domain will evaporate and redeem it

Not an option. It can extend to put their game servers and to forward the domain anywhere. Here it is necessary to negotiate.
Normal hosting* allow to transfer domains between accounts inside. Discuss this option.
Another way to re-delegate a domain for more time.
Most importantly, don't threaten, don't intimidate, all conversations and correspondence keep.
If he is too stubborn and starts to confuse the shore, write an application for him. After a call from mentovki are beginning to make concessions.
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The situation is simple and typical.

Two options: either to contact the domain owner and buy it, or a new domain to register with all the consequences.
To choose the way in which damages less. The second method is preferable.
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It's called "without the sucker - life is bad". I understand that the pretzel, which initially made the site, got the domain and hosting for myself :) May have just jumped the gun, and possibly a long-term view - who will not take the details, so you can be milked in the future :)

I see there are two options.

1. Talk to "bimasena" and ask them to make a clean break, even money to pay him, if he'd asked. Consider this for science You paid - it's more memorable.:)
2. (the first option is likely to fail). Sue. Don't know how to formulate precisely, but in this case, any fraud, or extortion, or both. But needs a competent lawyer, able all the it stuff to translate in understandable for cops and judges a language :)
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We must act as cleverly as did the "pretzel".
Find a friend in the organs (it is desirable from the investigation), talk to understand the predictions of successful implementation in this episode.
All conversations (screenshots, conversations and meetings) with the so-called "pretzel" be sure to track.
The situation is not so complex.
PS: Yes, if the "pretzel" will avoid a criminal record, a couple of months memorable "Action" for it will be a good lesson. Remember for a long time.
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1. To prevent delay when you push a domain, get yourself an account at the same Registrar.
Are still useful.
2. Determine the entire list of domains on the same account.
3. Demand to transfer domain rights of the trademark owner.
4. Contact the Registrar in his cerficate , explaining the situation and attaching a scan of the passport.
5. Threaten prosecution and the reimbursement of expenses for not profits and putting the coordinates of a rogue with phones and photos in the black list.
Any correspondence through the mail with fixation. And no La-La.
It is better on behalf of the lawyer.
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