How to choose an analytical expression for the graphics?

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Good afternoon.

I have such a problem: "There is an electrical circuit. There is an input signal in the form of a graph, it is necessary to make the output signal". If it is short.

I have a chart:
Examples of the source data in the form:
tначальная = -10 seconds tконечное = 10 seconds U = -50 TO

And I need to record the aforesaid schedule in the form of analytical expressions in the likeness (example!):

To be precise, I still need to write a function that initialisere array float according to the set schedule (in the form of analytical expressions).
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Honestly, it's a school task 5th grade.
You can't be the equation of the line?
You have two points, for example (tнач;0) and (0;U). Make a system of equations to be solved, we obtain the equation of the line.

You can use a more advanced form of saw-tooth*rectangular.

To initialize the array even easier. Need to run a loop for x from-infinity to infinity (or other boundaries), substituting each x in your function and storing the resulting value, for example, in the list.

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