How to solve the problem with the addition of regular classes in a legacy project Webform?

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Good day.
Had to deal with legacy project (10 years I think) on the sharp, which was written without much, shall we say, refinements.
The goal of refactoring.
Accordingly, first it took me a heap allocation logic from hardcode in the routes somewhere else.
And that's the problem - all my files being added are in no way recognized endpoint (error level unknown namespaces, classes, etc.). Since I do very little with the sharp worked, apparently, couldn't even form a polite request to Google, which would give me an answer. You are not working through the Studio and not locally. If experienced guys here have an answer to this situation - I will be glad to hear.
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In General, everything was very simple. I don't know why it took so long to find. In the end, I ran across it going through all possible configuration options. For the "left" code I had in the project root to create the directory "App_Code", and in the config in the compilation section to specify a subdirectory in the codeSubDirectories.

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