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What motherboard should I choose?

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Hello, tired to wrestle with the selection and decided it is better to ask people who really know how to iron and hope it will help me make the right choice. The essence of the question, took the CPU 8700k, now I am suffering with the choice of motherboard, it is necessary from Aorus that was in harmony with my video card from Aorus 1080TI. Cost range preferably up to 20 thousand. I heard that motherboards are for overclocking, but I overclocked the processor or when not engaged, so I don't know I need it or not.
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2 Answers

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Harmony? Nonsense!

This "nonam" or pure Chinese manufacturer? Can trust better known manufacturers?

You can use any motherboard in the range of 5-7 thousand. 20 - nonsense!
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Will fit any most inexpensive Mat. the fee for this socket from the normal manufacturer - asus asrosk, gigabyte..

to harmony with my graphics card
Well then check out pictures to color of textolite in harmony with the color of your graphics card.

but I'm overclocking or when not engaged, so I don't know I need it or not.
Well, if you do not plan to do, so no need. Logical?

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