If you set a password on a flash drive using Bitlocker, all files can be recovered after formatting of the flash drive or not?

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On the flash drive store your personal files such as photos, videos, and so on. If you format the flash drive, you can recover almost all deleted files.

And if this is to set a password on a USB flash drive Bitlocker-ohms, you can restore them or BitLocker will encrypt the files and then nothing will recover even after formatting?
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it does not need to be encrypted, for this you need to properly delete/format.
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Better not bitlockered, and a separate program like AxCrypt.


BitLocker encrypts the key that stores the list of user certificates. If Windows rearranged, for example, then the encryption certificate is lost - and Ala ulyu files :)

JFYI: you can format the flash drive so that nothing can be recovered. Standard and formatter in Windows :)

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