How to remove the top padding of the text in the flow of images?

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Hello! Question, probably simple, but the deeper I dig the basics, all the more interesting intricacies of the POPs, although in the past I was not paying attention.

Unfortunately I can't show the whole picture, because on the LAN are doing, but the point is that there is an image and text that wraps around it, set line-height: 1.5 font-size: 22px . And here I noticed that text with a large font size appears in the top margin, although at small sizes it is not visible almost. For clarity, an example (in my project this indent more)
I understand that the nature of this is in the font, it appears a margin.
I need the top image and text match, was on the same line. Of course you can set the image top offset, but I would like to know if any else solution.
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2 Answers

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margin-top: 0px; likely. Or can the image be artificially reduced by 5px(or whatever)
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All fonts there is such a thing as line spacing, it implies the indent and the top line, and bottom. Even a line-height equal to font-size in 99% of fonts does not solve this problem. Ask the picture indentation -- not the best solution, I work in such cases, the first "p" set a negative indent up and this problem disappear.
.block p:first-of-type { margin-top: -5px; }

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