That may mean a message in eventlog "processor 1 in group 0 drop power"?

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A friend of mine has this PC. If I stood for half an hour or more off, then boticca works a couple of minutes and hangs. After the reset even to POST does not reach, simply black screen. Once he could see in the logs interesting message "the processor 1 in group 0 drop power". Faced with this the first time. Google did not help. What can be the reason? The mother of all? Or only BP?
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A few options:
did you try to overclock this processor? (Reset the BIOS settings to the ones that were the default).
- you changed the power plan settings in power management of Windows? (It was available, or roll back to the last restore point Windows)
- can really bring a power supply, but maybe it's just a drop in voltage, call an electrician or measure themselves

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