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How is such a task?

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More than sure that such a problem exists, perhaps even in summary form. Please tell me what it's called.
The task is:
You need to make a program of watching TV.
Each show has the following fields:
start time, end time, room, priority.
You need to in each moment, looked the most priority telecast.
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3 Answers

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You should read about the problems the scheduling theory.
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If we assume that any transfer can only look as a whole — it will be the task of the applications (=activity-selection problem).
Solved by a greedy algorithm like this. Presume the priority of transmission and solves the classical problem about the orders: take the one that ends early, then one that ends early, and does not contradict available In the "window" with the same algorithm put less of a priority, etc.

If you believe that you can throw a used transmission. Upon the occurrence of a higher priority transfer switch to it.
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Don't know what the name of this task.

Solved sorting time of events and their enumeration: in each moment we must decide to "stay / switch".

There is a priority of the current transfer (if it is not the end). And there are priorities other gear at this point (especially interested in the beginning).

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