What exactly distinguishes the specialty of computer science and technology from vychislitelnaya Information systems and technologies?

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Want to become a programmer, really like python for data science and a little web(Django, Flask), some more tinkering with mobile development but python pulls more, even though I know that there is a prospect to move from java to kotlin. Iron to be picked, especially not love. So which of these professions is more suitable for computer science, and what for iron?
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1) Itimt more and closer to the metal, from your network (sysadmin, sometimes devops somewhere OS) and mostly Sinoe, and M. Shelen b. Python ....
2) Isit closer to software engineering (ideally working in a team in large projects, language, just, that the UNIVERSITY is able to...)

You have to understand -- the mainstream is defined: (see the meeting of rectors in St. Petersburg: gene biotechnology (this is for medicine), the figure is everywhere (including in bloschanevych networks in any relationship, legal and physical persons), and AI, in all its varieties, we can add nuclear power and military real-time systems .... Clearly, intelligent (visionary) the rector will take the salute, otherwise without grants...

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