How to create a call center using a PBX Megaphone and Asterisk (or Bitrix24)?

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Good afternoon everyone. A PBX Megaphone with a single multi-channel number, attached to her mobile phone. There is an internal sip telephony on asterisk. Also installed softphones on the PC and a telephone.
The task is to create a likeness of a call center with a single number, so when you call the caller had a connection with support, sales, etc. Also need the possibility of call transfer. Answering subscribers calls to staff should be through the Softphone. Help with solving this problem. Thanks in advance for the help
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From my point of view, you get 2 "servers" telephony. I would have left some one or megaphone or your Asterix (opened to him the number of the megaphone).

Actually continue to have problems to configure the redirect will not.

The Asterix is the outer room? If you have the opportunity to divert part of the megaphone in the direction of Asterix, it is necessary for MegaFon to raise the "answering machine", the Asterix to create multiple extension numbers, they bind to the internal employee. Then the scheme - Megaphone>>press 1 (there should be forwarding to asterisk) >> and it in turn must have an "understanding" that the figure is an incremental sercretary(for example). Ie on the Asterix should also be raised "answering machine" which will be coming to resolve the "numbers" from a megaphone....

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