CSS practice online?

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Tell me a good resource that provides tasks on the CSS where you need a "web IDE" run the task and click on "Check" to practise skills.

p.s. as html academy and w3schools
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What better way to practice than a real problem? Take layouts and verstaile.

Well on CSS selectors there is such a thing https://flukeout.github.io/
There is such cool stuff to flake www.flexboxdefense.com https://flexboxfroggy.com/#ru https://cssgridgarden.com/#ru

But I doubt you'll find one where you say "Create header" and also check the quality of the solution. Is there something similar in html academy. But the best, I repeat, it is the practice on real tasks.
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That task is just for CSS validation:
To do this without JS, without tables, without flexbox, no grid, no canvas, no SVG, "rubber" square for the whole width/height of the browser window, located in the center with the numbers in the cells. When you resize the browser window it is stretched uniformly, being always a square:

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