There are 3 monitors — 1 expand, 1 duplicate?

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In General, there is the gtx 1050 ti. There are 3 slots (dvi, hdmi, dp) under the monitors.
One slot opens onto the main monitor, the second slot will go to the second monitor with the function of expansion. Ie there will be adjacent the working space with its own Windows.
The third slot (hdmi) will go into the video capture card in another PC.
So the question is can I send this stream to hdmi one of the "extended" up to this monitor.
If Windows, if not, some additional software to do so?
(This is necessary in order to translate into the capture card only what you need, but not everything.)

Again, schematically:
1 monitor (left side of the workspace), monitor 2 (right side of the workspace), the "3 monitor" (left side of the workspace).
Now, is it possible to connect under this scheme?
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See the number of monitors that can support the graphics card. The number of connectors can be more than this amount.
And so - Yes, you can. I use the monitors in extended mode and, if necessary, duplicate the one on TV.

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