The SIP Protocol from your local network to another local network or the Internet, perhaps?

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Good day, dear audience of the portal toaster. At the moment there is one very interesting and unsolvable at the moment for me problem. There is an office with a server SIP telephony in LAN, server ASTESRISK, although this is not important, probably, as they administer it not me. This server is authorized client handsets from the same office LAN. The problem is that to log into the server from another network, preferably the Internet. Can it be done with the help of intermediate equipment such as a router. I connected the Internet cable to the router, the LAN cable to the lan port on the router, the Internet connection has a static IP, tried to make the resources of the router forwarding from your LAN to the Internet, but understanding this issue a little.
Please help in resolving the issue, or at least push to the right direction of thought.
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well, in General, Yes, you need to forward some ports on the router for the server, rather, to asterisk on it. this should be the port that is used on asterisk to receive SIP traffic (typically UDP 5060), and ports for receiving RTP traffic (perhaps this is the range of UDP 10000-20000, but there is more correct to look at the config of asterisk, as set up in fact). if port forwarding actually specify these ports and IP address of the internal host to which they propisyvayutsya (server and asterisk).
how to forward the ports depends on model of router.
also on the server with asterisk for each sip account in the sip.conf, which should be able to connect from the Internet, you will probably need to add the line nat=force_rport,comedia.
there may be other nuances: a firewall, binding the asterisk to the interfaces. but guess it's not interesting, I'm more used to answer the fact.
this is all when talking about the Internet and the port forwarding through NAT.
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If you do not want connections from the outside, it is possible to make between the vpn routers.
Or site to site or server(remote) to client(your) and connect the telephone via internal addresses
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All You suggest is true, raise the combination of vpn and softforum\\SIP phone connecting directly to SIP server. In this case, you enter the LAN, and faervol You will not interfere.

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