Mobile apps and how they interact with server?

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My development came to that very moment when you can choose a specialization.
I am impressed by the backend, yet there are so many things to learn. And before you start in-depth study, I analyzed several articles on trends in programming in General. People are moving to mobile apps, simple sites few uses, etc. I Learned that for example, YouTube is written in python, and apps for the gamers are written in swift or java... in short:
1. In java and swift, you can write GUI?
2. The interaction between mobile application and server? at REST?
3. Why not try to write the API which will use the app in PHP? is it possible?
Why I'm asking questions: I would like to choose any programming language for further development. Now I write in NodeJS. I want to work with a different syntax JS on front and Beck bothers to delve into other languages to see how they are arranged.
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In cases of "particularly-abnormal programming" you can only communicate via XMLHttpRequest
well, allow crossdomain requests allowed in php.

I think the whole thing in the required level of security.
I'm not going to write software for the commercial...

I have enough of this level of complexity to begin with.
Toaster possible for example to do so - do not care what someone who hacked - well, he'll make a new page and restores data from backup...
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