Does it make sense to use withRouter in this design: "withRouter(connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(Component))"?

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Studying the use of redux for this example
Came across this expression "withRouter(connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(ReactComponent))", while the result of this expression is passed to the Route component.
This code
Imported here
The question is: "whether in this case withRouter excess? Because Route so will give history and match ?" "If not redundant, why? What gives?"
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As I recall, the Route will not pass data to a component if this component is wrapped in a connect (or any hoc which uses a context different from the router).
I hope that in future this problem with the new Context API corrected.


Either may be a problem, if inside a component (the component that pass the Route, but it is wrapped in a connect) used Switch, Link, and other components of react-router.

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