Exim, Google Apps & Unroutable address

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Hi, Habr.
Is the following scenario.

Have a domain, let's call it example.com with the mail, which is serviced by Google Apps. There is a second domain, secondexample.com service (for internal purposes).

There was a need to send mail from the site example.com with the same domain.
For this the following was done:
dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config
The selected "Internet site" you entered the domain name, prohibited a relay for other domains, and SMTP is open only for localhost, everything is fine.

Then, in the DNS have been made the following entry:
example.com IN TXT v=spf1 a mx ptr ptr:example.com include:_spf.google.com ~all

It seems everything works fine.
But today I found the following in the log:

2011-03-11 09:57:06 1PxxDe-0003xb-6j <= root@example.com U=www-data P=local S=3751 id=21160bfc9f300f2c7d24d1b2a3c0eb11@secondexample.com
2011-03-11 09:57:06 1PxxDe-0003xb-6j ** xxxyyyzzz@example.com: Unrouteable address

frontend:/var/log/exim4# exim -bt xxxyyyzzz@example.com
R: system_aliases for xxxyyyzzz@example.com
xxxyyyzzz@example.com is undeliverable: Unrouteable address

And so for all addresses in that domain except (!!) root@example.com...

frontend:/var/log/exim4# exim -bt root@example.com
R: system_aliases for root@example.com
R: system_aliases for austin@example.com
R: userforward for austin@example.com
R: procmail for austin@example.com
R: maildrop for austin@example.com
R: lowuid_aliases for austin@example.com (UID 1000)
R: local_user for austin@example.com
<-- root@example.com
router = local_user, transport = mail_spool

For all other domains the mail goes fine. What could it be and how with it to struggle?
Thank you!
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5 Answers

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Also faced this problem. Won that in exim settings prescribed for local_domains is the same transport as for all the others (remote_smtp, and not redirect to a folder).
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Surely the hostname of the server == example.com... In General, look in /etc/hosts and check that there was the notorious example.
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Yes, of course.
And hostname blah.example.com make surely.
Only in reverse order.
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I have a similar situation.
A VPS with domain skobkin.ru where you need php script to send soap. Sendmail didn't send normally at goglobal on the same domain x@skobkin.ru. Set exim4, sendmail and it also does not send the soap from the Google Apps although the configuration also chose the site and removed skobkin.ru from the list of domains to which mail should remain on the server...
You how the problem was solved?
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situation 1 1 as the topic starter.
Help to solve it.

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