How would you typeset the rolling raster background?

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In fact, the subject in the header. A typical landing on a certain number of similar sections, but the background they have from one goes to another using images, brushes and so on. Nothing better than to cut into rectangles and put cardlog section of the queue I came up with, but in this case there is a problem: the backgrounds must touch exactly to a tee, and if in one browser it can be done, in all (chrome, Mozilla, Opera, IE9-11, ej) even if you normalize.css fonts are rendered slightly differently, different line spacing and so on, respectively, somewhere in the background is not enough, and somewhere in it too much. To set a fixed height sections do not want, and probably will not help. How would you typeset that?
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Threw at least a picture.
If the entire background is a single raster image, and export it whole. Why should it be divided into individual rectangles (except lazyload).
If you just have the raster elements on the borders of the screen, then export the individual elements.

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