Where to find an example of a Docker deployment for PHP apps?

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Hello. Where can I read or find a ready-made example which describes all steps to deploy a PHP application.
Here for example there is an app in Laravel in the repository, respectively. How to deplot it then to the server?
I understand how separate containers for php-fpm, Nginx, Postgres, composer, node, cron, Redis... As then it's all linked? Via hooks Gita? Go to the container to update the composer packages, go to the container node to rebuild the statics, etc.?
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Judging by your question, you need to get acquainted with the following things:

1. Learn how to configure infrastructure using ansible
1. Meet with CI systems (from ready with triplanar https://codeship.com/)
1. Configure the local application using docker-compose (simultaneously studying the Docker https://guides.hexlet.io/docker/

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