How to make a connection in MySQL?

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The Internet to read the article and watched the video tutorials but I did not get to create a relationship between tables
so let's say there are two table
1 - post (id, status, date)
2 - post_content (id, parent_id, language, name, content)

when you remove the post you need to remove all the contents are in different languages
how can I do this?
I have a version of MySQL 5.7
in phpMyAdmin how to do? or need request
in my opinion, I do not really understand to associate them
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If I understand correctly, here you have a relationship one-to-many field `post_content`.`parent_id` indicates `post`.`id`.
In order to create such a link (foreign key, FOREIGN KEY) in MySQL, you first need to ensure that both fields have the same type and size and in column `post_content`.`parent_id` no values missing in the `post`.`id`.
You then need to create the connection
ALTER TABLE `post_content` ADD CONSTRAINT FOREIGN KEY `fk_parent_id` (`parent_id`) REFERENCES `post` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE;

This query adds foreign key `fk_parent_id` with the fields `parent_id` and `post`.`id` and says that when you delete a record from table `post` will remove the associated records from the `post_content`.

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