How to configure a cisco 2921 to a new provider?

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The office is changing service provider, the question arose about migrating to a cisco router 2921. I understand you just need to change the ip of the old provider (Rostelecom) on the ip of the new (Flex), but on the interface which comes to a patch cord Rostelecom is not hanging any ip address and has Internet access. When this interface is inserted patch cord Flex lost Internet and all ip nat routes. Tell what you can do and how?
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Now we have to do a few things:
1. To obtain from provider the type of connection.
2. If this is PPPoE, it is necessary to learn new connectivity options, such as:
ppp chap hostname 708650_R
ppp chap password 0 5axwUоza
ppp pap sent-username password 0 708650_R 5axwUоza

3. If the connection type is ethernet, then the interface gigabit0/2 to remove the settings PPPoE and to register IP or to get it via dhcp + hang ip nat outside
4. Do not forget to change the default route and configure NAT.
it is necessary to seek ip route and ip nat inside source and correct under a new provider

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