Can I install the program using Node js?

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Good day, interested in can I use node js to install programs?
In the application on node js is a dependency on an installed VLC on the computer. Like when you start to check vlc installed or not, if not, install it.
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2 Answers

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There is the child_process module allows you to run external applications
Further actions depend on the type of asset which can be obtained from the process.platform
put on osX using brew
on linux analyze the output of lsb_release and depending on the distro using its package Manager
on Windows download .msi and run
on vin10 vlc is in off store, which can be controlled using PowerShell script

I will also add that in the package.json in the scripts section, you can specify the postinstall task that will run automatically after installing from npm
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Not node js and npm
Here is an example of a package that sets

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