How to copy file in Ubuntu?

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My Ubuntu is on VirtualBox.
Can't copy file ff.jar from shared directory /media/sf_share/ff.jar
in directorio /snap/pycharm-professional/current/bin/
Tried root access different commands, but all even, says File system is read-only. Or is it in principle possible to copy the file to the directory where is located this program pycharm-professional ?
cp /media/sf_share/* /snap/pycharm-professional/current/bin/ -R-n -v

In home directory copies fine, no problem.
cp /media/sf_share/* /home/blazer/snap/pycharm-professional/current/ -R-n -v

How to make a file system accessible not only for reading but also for writing?
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Just use the regular version, pycharm, and not from the snap package and place the files in it what you want.

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