How to implement dynamic display of prices on the basis of the available selectors?

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Good evening.
The task of the next.

The product you have suggestions, they are generated based on properties: taste, volume.
Now the page displays a list of these suggestions, each with its own buy button and a price.

You need to create 2 select, and populate it with the appropriate options from the taste and amount, and selecting a particular combination to display only a suitable offer.

Understand that nothing is clear, displayed in the screenshot, maybe it will be more available)
On the left a list of all proposals.
Right two select, if you select the flavor "cake with cream" and volume "900g" to display only the selected green offer.

Out these related selects, it is on many major stores, only doperet the logic how to implement it, my brain is not enough, people in the know, please tell me the direction how we can implement.

This is a typical product offerings Beatrix, all these data are stored in General data "product offerings", each offer these properties (taste, volume) is registered separately.
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2 Answers

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when you change SV-in the item price needs to change. Perhaps the problem with the template.
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