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After power loss capsman access point mikrotik not working?

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All welcome. The crux of the matter: there is a hap lite ac router and an access point map lite configured in mode Sarmap.
Immediately say, that I have set up everything according to the instructions in the Internet, and the uptake though, but with equipment mikrotik things have become recently, especially with the regime capsman.

The access point is connected via POE.
On both devices is the latest stable firmware. Now, everything works perfectly, exactly to the moment, yet for some reason have not lost electricity.

After loading devices, capsman only works on router, the access point based on the indicator works fine, but in fact the device it does not connect until I turn off and turn on Sarmap on the access point.

What can be the reason?
I thought maybe because of POE? Type as the access point starts to work as soon as you receive the, and with some delay after loading the router.

Generally alone I still can't manage to solve the problem and hope for your help.
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2 Answers

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Logs what you write?
Juggling nutrition - officially from Mikrotik - not a problem at all.
All devices must go through a Bang ...
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And how the interfaces in capsman? Using provisioning?

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