How to make too much of a JSON object similarity php Foreca with layout?

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Comes from the server in Ajax Success here, such an array(example)

I now need to make it in the layout. As I want will not work. So he invented the second option. Simply display in a table BS. Started doing the layout of the table, but there was the question of how to loop the lines of this miracle of the array? In PHP would just be foric and I'd already worked with podsmatrivanie. But js how ? Plus how to sew in layout is sent.

success: function (res) { bent var = res[0].length; $('#orders').html( 'Total orders:'+ bent + ''+ ''+ ''+ ''+ 'Order No.'+ 'Office'+ 'The name of the service'+ 'The name of the Customer'+ ''+ ''+ '' ); console.log(res); },
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If you are asking us to pay you the finished code, here tells a lot about loops in JS, and here about iterating over arrays.
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And then there are template engines (personally, I like the handlebars) and "frameworks" type React or Vue.

JS also have tortorich. Googlemy and yea shall find.

If you

Learn Back-end programming

... watch Vue.

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