How to open access a group of resources?

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Please tell me:
In modx you need to give the user role with access to only a specific folder with resources and all of its subfolders and files.

Tried two ways:
1) Move this folder in a separate context, to have a group with access only to this context.
And user to only define this group.

2) Tried to leave the folder in the web context, create a resource group to link the folder to her.
User group given access to the resource group.

In any case, always turns out that if there is a user group has access to the context of mgr, the user sees too much, and if not, is it even in the admin panel will not let me.
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You are wrong. Here you can see about setting user rights -
But look carefully configuring resource groups and contexts (web mgr) for which you want to access appears in the video lessons he took as a result, access metalogenia user, in my opinion, the group needs to specify only access to context mgr or web (try, in General).
I did a couple of months ago, everything worked.

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