Than an xml-encoded file?

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Tell me what method the encrypted file
in the original version.xml looks like he's no binary decoder can not.

8024 bcb2 cbe1 e910 01c9 4011 0cff 04ef
c66a a47d cc49 d19f 69d2 3656 da2a 7b9d
39f8 e2fb d489 65b2 1278 f7be 3ef4 c91a
1442 00d0 0e0d 4bcc f007 cf08 06bc 9d68
2a1a 4c76 45d2 9c0a c582 28da 234a d17b
9864 f12f 2d6e 5727 23ff c0f8 6e4d 135d
c919 3082 2173 1981 5ce4 e026 75cd 2885
992f 5e28 3406 1a01 2182 d930 f21b 7af0
06fc 62fa 9df6 ea5c 77da 5737 1aee 1fbc
d90a f027 9d4b c0d8 27e7 3c40 f02b 78c5
26af a4ad c886 76bf 1c44 dfa2 52a5 aa76
5d05 1cd7 3932 199b ea10 de58 23e3 c013
3d17 0966 16fa 940b 8ad1 6d99 7775 d727
b07e fb26 6522 4b74 7da5 de89 1a32 6e2f
52fd 8354 7320 40fe 7ce9 ef35 7dc1 18d3
db7f 4e51 6869 4d62 42f2 986f d856 28fa
0ef3 70eb d6b9 ab42 2cb5 0543 43d7 1bf1
b72d e336 903e 81da 51d4 2b71 dc20 799d
39bf a3ad c981 65ad 401c 93e9 08e9 cb41
5f07 00ec 2f0e 068b f64e 9949 57a6 df34
3f52 5f79 1497 cf72 e1d1 7c87 1e4d d43a
d362 fa31 2e65 0b2d 3caf cd89 1a30 6239
9544 6ec3 652e 4e9a 28a8 a422 75cd 2fcf
d87f 1c6e 7e56 4d7c 1680 8075 9d1a 60b2
1bf6 62e0 99f8 f714 48d4 4a0d 18b8 08ee
9667 ec2a d30a 849e 6ede 3a5a d230 3382
3bfd e3ee 91c2 22ff 5a10 8feb 0da6 855e
5d56 45f7 2a24 0482 f100 cf0d 07ea 8f65
301b 092b 4782 de50 9a9b 31ce 7a51 c778
9f7e f82a 362e 1e25 21f7 c1d0 4571 2d62
3292 cb0b 7d63 13c3 32d9 e126 6cc1 3ee6
c269 1a37 3904 5769 59d4 9c7e df02 79e8
1aed 6ffd 91fa eb12 4582 070b 0be2 1bf2
c167 ba22 9606 84d7 75c4 745e dc23 75ce
35ea f7f0 9c9f 2ce2 5e14 90e5 1cf6 c252
1e4a 4daa 1b24 02bb eb16 c92b 10f4 c422
2a26 1974 1698 871a 9998 3640 3ac2 d13a
867f eb30 3d72 0f21 3efb 9f86 086b 387b
dc19 65d8 7c71 have the 16c3 68a7 f621 37c8 23cd
c274 407f 7a49 4122 40cd 8b6d de0c 6bf1
0ab1 60e1 99b6 a65c 51de 5c10 1ae4 1de4
8921 e56e de03 858e 77c2 631d 9c35 76cd
6ea0 e4e8 d4dd 28ea 451b d3e5 1cf6 c252
164a 52e4 3126 1783 fd5d d817 18a9 9067
3a0e 162e 46d4 cc5d dac0 6595 651a 9c64
c33f ae72 602f 3e05 18d3 81f7 4564 2561
8348 7f81 3672 0fc7 72e4 f126 7699 6ec2
df6e 1e6b 210b 0b7e 5e93 d47d d906 7fb2
1ceb 62fa 9dfa aa17 54d1 4916 11b8 08ee
9667 d617 b234 a79f 75c2 305d dd6b 4ac5
69fe fff2 979e 26e3 4807 92eb 19b4 855c
0855 44e4 1582 2824 f116 d50c 1be7 df22
654d 3012 59d1 9f16 b4c3 6c8a 627c 810a
c64e ae76 0735 496a 2de2 8499 0a70 297d
da0f 2d9e 373d 5e9f 3faa e335 77c1 25ce
9638 0277 7845 482e 0bce 966b da05 37be
5ebd 23e2 95f7 e341 038f 0743 16e5 04ed
9a3c f021 9918 989e 3a93 6810 9336 73cc
7ec3 e3f0 c493 77af 0c11 98ee 18ef c22e
1249 45b8 7e70 54ce f41c dc11 1bf6 dd35
2c52 5f6f 0088 c05d cb96 3dd6 3253 dd27
872c bd71 6830 4977 6eb2 86c8 706a 3c32
8e5b 7dd7 1a73 3dde 6ddc e126 73c2 3597
892a 4c38 5257 6d62 45c7 8b31 915b 28bc
40a1 0e84 d4b9 b828 44cc 5143 2bf3 18f5
ae1a d96e de03 858e 77c2 631d 9c36 6991
36fc fcf0 8c9f 34f9 4d01 94e1 53f0 d212
1150 4eab 3f2e 1bc1 db37 f527 23e3 c034
3100 1374 7add 8629 8e83 2fd2 384d 9d34
9d75 ed2c 3164 5616 19c1 a8ec 666c 2b66
c245 7dd7 7c3e 71a4 21a5 c73b 74c2 25cd
3e6c 6b5d 454b 534d 54

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According to the results of decoding:
8086 relocatable (Microsoft)
but not xml.

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