The choice of the faculty?

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I welcome those who read this question and right to the point.This year, go to College,and will be determined by the faculty.But here's the thing:we at the University there are two faculties:information technology and computer science.I have a question:what's the difference between these two faculties?It's the same thing,or all the same there is a difference?There is something for everyone,and what qualifications you can get,learning on each?
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Faculties can hardly vary, so be complete opposite. This is only the organizational structure, often create new or combine old ones.
Ask at the University. Separately from its members and separately from students in these faculties.
Ideally have prochorenko friend, recently graduated, who will be able to tell you what to teach and what the field can teach(and can).
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You go to the UNIVERSITY.
You have several options to find what you want:
1) The Website Of The University. Go to the website, view the description of the specialty, the faculty of the Department. Perhaps on the website are curriculum this (or previous years)
2) Call the UNIVERSITY to the faculty and to learn where to find curriculum.
3) Come to school on open day and ask directly the representatives of the faculties
4) Come to the admissions office and ask them.

Sorry, don key rights - the faculties may vary the opposite, and can be similar. Better than the representatives of these faculties no one will answer the question. Look at the proposed specialty.

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