Need a Wordpress template with certain characteristics. Torment to seek help?

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Well, very simple template is needed, actually! Preferably free, of course, but if the price is reasonable I am willing to consider and pay. Clarification: the template must be available in the themes section in the admin area of WP.

In General, we need a minimalist template for my blog:

The main parameters of the design:

1) the tape recordings should NOT be too broad - 600-800рх at the time, plus or minus.

2) the Second column strictly to the right (where the search, tag cloud and other widgets), and all that no more columns were not.

3) Concise cap, NOT full screen (can be full width but not the height of the screen): picture, blog title, description; but it is NOT condensed (when all hidden in a hamburger).

4) Neither the hat or the auxiliary column does not have to be fixed, it should scroll.

5) Blog entries on the page should be classically laid out: title, text, title, text, strictly one after the other (not side-by-side from each other, not thumbnails with excerpt, no title list, no tiles, no partition)

6) Blog-write on the page should have the following in exactly the same order: first the header, underneath the full text with images (without cuts), and AFTER the text already in any order, tags, comments (a must!!!), the date of the post.

7) Pictures of the blog-entries should have the same width as the column of text.

8) All text styles should be editable, so you can change the font and size though.

9) Size of tags in the tag cloud should vary depending on the frequency of occurrence in the blog, that is, I don't want a one dimensional list of tags.

10) a Classic neutral but contrasting colors, no circus with Gypsies and barely visible gray text. Black, white, gray. Links-buttons - don't care, any color.

11) Optional, but I really want to go: the number of views like button and number of likes. And dislike.


Simple, isn't it? Even though I painted everything in such detail, but this is the simplest design. The best I found under such requirements template Independent Publisher 2. However, it has disadvantages:

- You can edit only the font of the post - make the plugin Easy Google Fonts, like you can change all the styles, but in reality only changes the font of the main text, headings and everything else is not changed even banal Arial and other system fonts.

- The cap can shove the picture and avatar. Disable avatar is impossible. And I don't need it. So, if you upload the image, then under it is blank avatar. So I loaded the damn avatar, and the picture turned off.

- No views, likes/dislikes allowed


And that's all. The other strange or artsy layout from the category of "we need to make the design more interesting". I was surprised to see for the first time (after 18 years of sitting in the Internet) that the headers were shifted do not get much of the main text, tags, and comments can be anywhere above the header, below the header, to the left of the text, absent, but the pancake is not where they should be - immediately below the text. No, well, there are templates, but everything else about them is bad.
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I would recommended also you to take a normal or bootstrap ready theme with bootstrap (starter pack) and create a theme from scratch to your specifications. So you will always reach the desired result.
And if you need a ready-made theme, then I would suggest you look at premium themes on
An example of a design with smaller widths -
Layout width of 1020 pixels. For the top caps, you can enable scrolling, sidebar widgets a little conjuring, you can also scroll, you can simplify the display of news on the basis of the Header text (remove the widgets in the form of tiles). The theme is called Jarida.
Better yet, I would recommend a different theme - Sahifa. Example site -
Skrollitsya sidebar, skrollitsya cap, and the main page as simple as possible. Width 1045 pixels
1 negative - all these themes are premium themes and are not available in repozitarii. They can be downloaded for free on nulled sites or purchase a license at a cost of approximately - $ 59

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