How to raise a proxy server?

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Good afternoon. I have a white static IP. I want to make your own proxy server but still cheap. Can you help?

Sold on aliexpress such a device ORANGE PI mini PC is able to pull Ubuntu and probably can act as a proxy server.
On Internet cable I have now is a Zyxel Keenetic.
I think the proxy was working by IP I should pingomatic server and not a router? How to connect it to the network first, at the same time that the router worked and was handing out Wi-Fi on other devices in normal mode?
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why ?? no wonder beyond what is necessary and will not have problems in dailiness.
Kinetik quite a without delay will perenapravit packages on your orange and back. see DMZ, port forwarding and all that. put orange with kineticom, through it trough to it the port for the proxy.

speed proxy and orange is such that the delay from kinetics even you, especially strained, not feel :)

ping is one of podsystem tyrneta - on it light a wedge has not converged.
to use wifi for the fixed network is not the best solution, IMHO of course.
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Don't rush with the Assembly of separate pieces of iron under a proxy, first check if your router firmware dd-wrt/openwrt(on some models Keenetic they were exactly). If there is, are sewn together and raise up a proxy directly on the router.
If you want a separate piece of metal, just probressive the port to a proxy behind a router.
Well, you can always throw nafig router and configure from scratch routing and any services at its Nectary(raspeberry/orange/etc), though then you should think about buying a Wi-Fi antenna powerful.

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