Where can I find the most complete list of servers npm to download packages through a proxy?

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Tired of sitting on the ground jquery and Angular, there is a desire to use modern front end frameworks (names, I think, voice is not necessary).

But here's the problem: all of these frameworks require work with npm or similar package Manager.
And fairly draconian network policies, many of which zaplacheno, trying to get npm packages fails, can't prodautsa through a proxy. In principle, the system administrator does not mind, it is possible to give a list of IPS or to give some formal basis (for example, all servers from which comes the download - subdomains npmjs.com) and he will prescribe exceptions in the firewall.

The case for small: where's the list to take or how best to prescribe such a rule?
Well, in General, is it possible, or the list of servers changes all the time and not in what the system does not fit, and it's a fool's errand?
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Because everything is hosted on Amazon, and upisnik may change, the list will be so.

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